Hello! Do you want to earn in cryptocurrency? You found the right place! You can earn well in cryptocurrency by becoming an affiliate. Affiliates earn by promoting products and services, referring others, and just by joining affiliate programs. In the world of cryptocurrency, affiliate opportunities are plenty and lucrative. One such opportunity is by joining Cryptocurrency Exchanger Affiliate Programs.

What are Cryptocurrency Exchangers? Cryptocurrency Exchangers are websites that use a platform were users can instantly and safely exchange their cryptocurrency and payment processors directly with another users. For example, you can buy bitcoin with your PayPal by directly buying with another PayPal user who is willing to sell bitcoin. They usually call this peer to peer exchange. Exchangers earn from transaction fees from users activities. Most exchangers offer affiliate programs. Try these 3 good exchangers below, sign up with their affiliate programs and start earning cryptocurrency!


Bestchange is an exchanger monitor. It has a listing of hundreds of trusted exchangers of all kinds. Bestchange has a very good affiliate program. Affiliates here can earn in three ways:



Level 1. The user followed the partner’s link provided by you and used monitoring option. Your income from such users is generated according to the main rules of our program of partnership.

Level 2. The user engaged by you is registered as a partner. Every time they require a payment from the partnership funds, you earn additional 30% of the required sum.

Level 3. The user engaged by the partner, who was engaged by you, is registered as a partner. Every time they require a payment from the partnership funds, you earn additional 10% of the required sum.

When the affiliate earnings have reached $1.00, you can withdraw your earnings via Bitcoin, Perfect money, Payeer, QIWI, or AdvCash. Just remember to read and follow Bestchange’s terms and conditions first before promoting because they will not pay if you violate their terms and they are very strict in implementing it. Join and sign up Bestchange affiliate program below.

Bestchange Affiliate program Sign up


CHANGER - Instant has a good affiliate program. You will receive 15% commission of the fees charged for all exchange orders made by your referrals. The earnings are credited in your account instantly and can be withdrawn right away. Join now!



Changer Affiliate Sign up



Changelly Changelly has a very generous affiliate program. It pays affiliates with 50% lifetime revenue share commission from sales from the exchange! Minimum payout is set at 0.01BTC and 0.10 ETH. Hurry, join Changelly’s affiliate program now!

Changelly Affiliate Sign up

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